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   As is known, the structure and properties of mineral wool during the operation of a thermal insulation structure can change significantly as a result of self-sealing, especially during vibration and humidification. The consequence of these factors is the inconstancy of the volume of the thermal insulation structure, instability during vibration and low mechanical strength.
   The efficiency of thermal insulation is guaranteed by a more advanced design and competent installation.

To preserve and improve the efficiency of the thermal insulation characteristics of thermal insulation at a given level, various metal frames are installed, on which protective coatings are mounted:
● for pipelines with a nominal diameter of less than 100 mm – support brackets;
● for pipelines with a nominal diameter of more than 100 mm – support distance rings on metal racks.

   To solve this problem, special support and unloading structures have been developed, produced on automatic European CNC lines.

Support rings and brackets PIPEWOOL

   The support rings and brackets are designed to maintain load distribution when installing protective shells in the thermal insulation of horizontal pipelines and cylindrical apparatuses in industrial and marine projects. Protective shells should be supported by support rings and elastic elements.
   At a temperature of 350°C, the support legs of the structure are made of heat-resistant steel and are attached to the ring with the help of elastic elements “omega-bugel” to compensate for thermal expansion and reduce the vibration transfer of the isolated object.
Unloading structures and elements of the coupling bandage are used to prevent vertical displacement (sliding) of protective coatings on vertical pipelines and apparatuses when using soft thermal insulation materials.
   All structures are made of carbon or stainless steel and consist of rings and brackets with intermediate support posts made of carbon or stainless steel located at a certain distance. To reduce heat transfer, the racks are separated from the ring by heat-insulating gaskets. The rings are mounted to the pipeline using a bolted connection.

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