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Thermal insulating support rings PIPEWOOL

TECHNICAL CONDITIONS 23.99.19-003-61278130-2017

   Frame rings PIPEWOOL –  innovative spacer products designed to strengthen the pipeline structure and compensate for the mechanical load acting on the thermal insulation cylinders from the side of the metal casing. The products are manufactured taking into account the current fire safety standards, are of high quality, and fully retain their operational and thermal insulation characteristics.

The main advantages of using PIPEWOOL frame rings:
● Prevent deformation of the thermal insulation layer by evenly distributing the pressure of the outer protective shell installed on the pipeline;
● They retain a high heat capacity of the thermal insulation layer, since they are made from raw materials similar to the insulating cylinders – mineral wool based on basalt rocks;
● Easy to install, since each support ring for pipelines has special locks of various complexity, which eliminate the loss of its thermal insulation properties.

Mineral wool frame rings can consist of two or four parts and have a round or square shape, depending on the structural complexity of the pipeline. Their thickness varies from 2 to 30 cm, during operation this indicator practically does not change, since the product has a high compressive strength.

PIPEWOOL basalt pipe rings- an alternative to metal brackets and plastic tripwires, the installation of which is associated with certain difficulties. Their economic benefits are fully proven in practice! Call us or leave a request, our staff will place an order within a few minutes.

Thermal insulation performance:


Thermal insulation connections:

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  Setting rings  PIPEWOOL are made of basalt wool, so they have low thermal conductivity, resistance to aggressive substances and environments, do not deform during operation and are able to tolerate high temperatures without losing their quality indicators. They do not need to be welded or bolted together, treated with a special anti – corrosion compound, like steel spacer rings-just snap the locks and secure them to the pipe with an aluminum bandage.

Marking of insulation: 80; 100; 120; 150; 200.
Internal diameter: from 18 to 1020 mm.
External diameter: from 110 to 1500 mm (According to the Customer’s specifications)
Thermal insulation thickness: from 20 to 200 mm.
Product width: According to the Customer’s specification.
Number of segments: Depending on the diameter.
Mounting direction: ► Double-sided.
Protective coating: Uncoated.