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Bandage with a lock PIPEWOOL

TECHNICAL CONDITIONS 25.99.29-007-61278130-2019

   Quick-detachable clamps with locks are designed to facilitate and speed up the installation process.
They contribute to increasing the service life of the thermal insulation layer in fully assembled complete structures with a metal protective coating. They contribute to unloading from the gravity of the metal coating, wind load and accidental mechanical influences.

   Quick-detachable clamps are equipped with types of locks in accordance with the calculated load and the cross-section of the metal band of the tie band (clamp).

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Product execution:

Yoke with lock
Location /direction
Rivet exhaust
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      Quick-detachable clamps are characterized by effective operational characteristics, can withstand high operating temperatures, are strong and durable. They are easy to cut and other processing, easy to use.
Characteristics ● feature:
Cross-section of the metal tape (mm) ● Galvanized steel: 0,5×10/12/15/20; 0,7×10/12/15/20; 0,8×20; 1,0×40.
Cross-section of the metal tape (mm) ● Aluminum: 0,8×10/15/20/40.
Cross-section of the metal tape (mm) ● Stainless steel: 0,5×10/12/15/20; 0,7×10/12/15/20; 0,8×20; 1,0×40.
Load Compliance: 0,5/0,7/0,8 mm up to Ø300 mm; 0,8/1.0 mm for Ø300-800 mm; 0,8 mm from Ø800 mm.
Metal type / GOST for bandage tape: Galvanized steel Zn GOST 14918-80; Aluminum Al GOST 13918-97; Stainless steel St GOST 4986-79.
Height / Width of the structure: from 100 mm (According to the Customer’s technical specification).
The diameter of the structure: 100-1500 mm (According to the Customer’s technical specification).
The length of the clamp tape: 600-5300 mm (According to the Customer’s technical specification).
Lock (type-1; up to Ø300mm) tension without lock Zn. 60/122-9 (code 512002001): Lock length: 60/122mm; Stroke: 9mm; Hole diameter: 4.5 mm; Metal: Galvanized steel.
Lock (type-2; Ø300-800mm) tension without lock Zn. 70/150-20 (code 512002002): Lock length: 70/150mm; Stroke: 20mm; Hole diameter: 6mm; Metal: Galvanized steel.
Lock (type-3; from Ø800mm) tension without lock Zn. 97/180-21 (code 512002003): Lock length: 97/180mm; Stroke: 21mm; Hole diameter: 5mm; Metal: Galvanized steel.
Installation features: Installed radially.

Installation of quick-detachable clamps does not require the use of special devices and is carried out by attaching them directly to the thermal insulation or the shell of the finished structure.