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Protective shell Diaphragm PIPEWOOL

TECHNICAL CONDITIONS 4937-002-61278130-2016

   The protective shell on the diaphragm “Pipewool GdZn/GdAl/GdSt” is a modern solution for protecting thermal insulation and pipeline networks from external influences. It is a protective coating made of thin-sheet steel. Special stiffeners, technological locks allow you to prevent moisture from entering the casing.

  The protective shell on the plug or diaphragm serves as protection on the final section of the pipeline. And also, the diaphragm is part of the unloading device to prevent vertical displacement (sliding) of protective coatings on vertical pipelines and apparatuses when using soft thermal insulation materials. Type of metal made of galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets up to 0.50 – 1.0 mm thick.  

   Types of execution of the plug or diaphragm: one-piece and prefabricated (from 2 to 4 elements), flat and with a rim, with a hole of the diameter required by the customer.

Shell execution:

With a hole

Shell Connections:

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The vandal-proof shell made of thin-sheet steel has the best operational parameters:
● Resistance to mechanical loads;
● Anti-corrosion performance;
● Low thermal conductivity;
● Moisture resistance;
● Incombustibility.

   Thanks to the fact that the galvanized casing consists of several segments and has snap-on grooves, it is easy to install in the shortest possible time. In addition, this collapsible design provides free access to the pipeline and allows for quick repair work. Installation does not require special skills, since basalt insulation is easily cut into the desired segments.

   Galvanized steel has remarkable performance characteristics – it is resistant to mechanical loads, is not subject to corrosion, allows you to quickly get free access to the pipe, carry out work related to the operation of the pipeline.

Installation of the casing does not require the use of special devices and is carried out in several stages:
● Preparation of pipeline insulation;
● fastening of the casing with subsequent fixation with the help of bandages and buckles.

Product diameter (D1) external: from 60 to 1000 mm (step 10)
Metal type and thickness: Zn galvanized steel 0,50/0,55/0,80 mm; Aluminum Al 0.50/0.80 mm; Stainless steel St 0.50 mm.
Diameter of the hole (D2) for the pipeline: from 18 to 1020 mm.
Number of segments: Depending on the diameter.
Corrugated side: Width (mm) According to GOST or Customer’s technical specifications. ​​
Holes for fasteners: Ø3,2 mm ​​
Mounting direction: ► Double-sided

   Throughout the world, the most common coatings that protect open pipeline networks from external influences are galvanized protective casings.
   The casing is a product with knurled drainage stiffeners. This is a multifunctional collapsible protective structure that is mounted on the pipeline.
   The design of the casing provides for longitudinal and end overlays.
   On the pipe for quick access to the heat-insulating material, the casing is fixed with buckles and a bandage tape.