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Thermal insulating Cylinders PIPEWOOL

TECHNICAL CONDITIONS 5762-001-61278130-2011; GOST 23208-2003

   Mineral wool cylinders based on synthetic binder PIPEWOOL are widely used for thermal insulation of pipelines for various purposes: gas pipelines, pipes of heating systems, water pipes, etc. The use of mineral wool as a base allows you to obtain cylinders and semi-cylinders with excellent performance properties.

   Simple mineral wool cylinders are made without coating (aluminum foil). If you are interested in coated cylinders, check out the range of cased cylinders. The products are made in a convenient form, have a longitudinal section, are easily mounted and dismantled. Pipewool cylinders have a number of distinctive advantages over the technology of wrapping pipelines with mineral wool mats: they are more economical, durable and easy to use and almost completely eliminate mechanical and climatic effects.

   Semi-cylinders on a synthetic binder, or so-called mineral wool shells, are widely used for thermal insulation of pipelines of various purposes and lengths. Such types of insulation are effective, durable and reliably protect industrial pipelines, transport highways, heat and water supply systems, and various technological systems.

Performance of thermal insulation:
Thermal insulation connections:
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Thermal insulation cylinders for pipes are characterized by efficient performance, withstand high operating temperatures, and are strong and durable. The cylinders are easy to cut and other processing, easy to install.

Mineral wool cylinders are an effective material for thermal insulation!

Simple mineral wool cylinders have special physical and mechanical properties:
• not exposed to chemical elements (alkalis, acids), as well as ultra-violet and electro-magnetic radiation;
• easy to install and very technologically advanced in processing (easy to cut even with household tools);
• they are durable and retain their working properties throughout the entire service life.

Marking of insulation: 80; 100; 120; 150; 200.
Internal diameter: from 18 to 1020 mm.
Thermal insulation thickness: from 20 to 200 mm.
Thermal insulation length: 1000 mm.
Number of segments: Depending on the diameter.
Mounting direction: ► Double-sided.
Protective coating: Uncoated; coated with aluminum foil. Protective shell made of galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel.