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Protective metal casing for Flange • KZF

   The protective casing for flanged connections is a universal auxiliary protective device for protection against emissions of low-temperature and high-temperature liquids and gases, including aggressive and toxic, taking into account their danger to personnel, pumped under pressure and without pressure, through pipelines, and can be used for any pipeline connection.

   The protective casing of the KZF is designed for installation on the flange connections of pipelines that pump liquid reagents and chemical media that do not cause a significant impact on the main material of the casing.
   The protective casing is a quick-detachable metal structure consisting of two prefabricated elements that are fixed to the flange connection or gate valve using locks or a movable bracket (easily, quickly and reliably).

   Operating temperature range of the metal protective casing: from -50°C to +450°C.


Shell Connections:

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   Due to the fact that the metal protective casing consists of segments and has snap-on grooves, it is easy to install it in the shortest possible time. The advantage of such a design is the multiplicity (reusability) of its use. In addition, such a collapsible design provides free access to the pipeline and allows for quick repair work.

   Installation of the protective casing does not require special skills and abilities, as well as special devices and is carried out in one stage:
● The casing is fixed using locks, a movable bracket or a bolted connection.

Temperature: from -50°C to +450°C.
Pressure (PN): from Du 15 to Du 1200 Mpa.
The diameter of the product shell: from 115 mm or more (According to the Customer’s technical specification).
Product length: from 100 mm or more (According to the Customer’s technical specification).
Metal Type and thickness: Zn Galvanized steel 0,50/0,55/0,80/1,00 mm; Aluminum Al 0.50/0.80 mm; Stainless steel St 0.50 mm.
Pipeline diameter: from 35 to 815 mm (According to the Customer’s technical specification).
Emergency equipment: Drainage holes, fitting, hose (According to the technical specification and the Customer’s drawing).
Fastening of construction segments: Lock; movable bracket; bolted connection.
Mounting direction: ► Two-sided or Directional.

   All over the world, the most common coatings that protect open pipeline networks from external influences are galvanized protective casings.
   The casing is a product with rolled drainage stiffeners. This is a multifunctional collapsible protective structure that is mounted on a pipeline.
   The design of the casing provides for longitudinal and end openings.
   On the pipe for rapid access to the heat-insulating material, the casing is fixed motionlessly with buckles and a bandage tape.