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Thermal insulating Transitions PIPEWOOL

TECHNICAL CONDITIONS 23.99.19-003-61278130-2017

     Thermal insulation transitions for PIPEWOOL pipes are an ideal method of insulation in difficult places of changing the direction of the pipeline. They are made of mineral wool in strict accordance with the current norms and standards.

     Thanks to PIPEWOOL products, the insulation of transitions has ceased to be one of the time-consuming tasks in the construction of pipelines. Now the process is much easier, since the transitions from basalt wool exactly repeat the change in the diameter of the pipe and consist of several segments, which will not be difficult to assemble on the spot.

   The thermal insulation transition serves as protection at the pipeline transition site from a larger diameter to a smaller one, with a diameter of 60 to 1000 mm.

Types of transitions – concentric, eccentric.

Performance :

Сoncentric (Рс)
Eccentric (Ре)

Thermal insulation connections:

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    Thermal insulation transitions are characterized by effective performance characteristics, withstand high operating temperatures, and are strong and durable. Transitions are easy to cut and other processing, easy to install.
Mineral wool transitions are an effective material for thermal insulation.

    Mineral Wool simple transitions are characterized by special physical and mechanical properties:
● not exposed to chemical elements (alkalis, acids), as well as ultra-violet and electro-magnetic radiation;
● Easy to install and very technologically advanced in processing (easy to cut even with household tools);
● They are durable and retain their working properties throughout the entire service life.

Marking of insulation: 80; 100; 120; 150; 200.
Inner diameter (D1): from 18 to 1020 mm.
Internal diameter (D2): from 18 to 1020 mm.
Thermal insulation thickness: from 20 to 200 mm.
Product length: from 300 to 1000 mm.
Mounting direction: ► Double-sided.
Protective coating: Uncoated; coated with aluminum foil. Protective shell made of galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel.