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Pins and Devices PIPEWOOL

TECHNICAL CONDITIONS 25.99.29-007-61278130-2019; GOST 17314-8

   The pins / Devices are installed on the rings of the coupling bandage (unloading device) (with a step of ≈250 mm), designed to maintain load distribution when installing protective shells in the thermal insulation of horizontal pipelines, complex structures, as well as tanks and cylindrical apparatuses in industrial and marine projects.
   Protective shells should be based on support rings and elastic elements that comprehensively provide optimal load distribution for the entire structure as a whole, which contributes to reliability and extends the service life.
   At a temperature of 350°C, the pins of the structure are made of heat-resistant steel and are attached to the ring of the tie band using brackets or bushings to compensate for thermal expansion and reduce the vibration transfer of the isolated object.

   Pins / Devices are additionally equipped with appropriate additional products. For example: a bracket or sleeve for fixing thermal insulation, for holding and distributing the load of protective structures when used on horizontal and vertical pipelines.

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Product execution:

Single pin P1
Single PS1 suspension
Pin double P2
Double PS2 suspension
Threaded pin PT
Bracket C1 welded
Bracket C2
Bushing B1 welded
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   To preserve and improve the efficiency of the thermal insulation characteristics of thermal insulation, special support and unloading structures have been developed, using distance holders (legs with springs) and pins, the production of which takes place on automatic European CNC lines.

Characteristics ● Properties:
Type pins and holders of pins: In the Assortment // According to the technical task of the Customer.
Metal type of pins: 5-O-H steel; 65G steel; AISI 304 steel, etc. (According to the Customer’s technical specification)
The length of the pins: The thickness of the thermal insulation + 50 mm. (According to the Customer’s technical specification)
Number of pins (along the circumference): From 4x (360°) or more (depending on the diameter of the product and in accordance with the load). ​The installation step on the Tie band (Unloading device) is ≈250mm.
Metal type of pin holders: Ordinary /galvanized steel (St3 / 08PS / 08KP / 09G2C); Stainless steel (AISI 301; AISI 304; AISI 403; 12X18H9).
Accessories: In the Assortment // According to the technical task of the Customer
Mounting direction: ► Directional.