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Thermal insulating Insets PIPEWOOL

TECHNICAL CONDITIONS 23.99.19-003-61278130-2017

   PIPEWOOL thermal insulation inset is an effective way to insulate the connections of horizontal and vertical parts of pipelines. It consists of segments made of strong, non-flammable, hydrophobic and heat-saving basalt wool, which are connected with the help of technological locks.

  The exact shape and dimensions of the PIPEWOOL inset are a guarantee of high-quality thermal insulation of complex parts of the pipeline!

  Each part of the thermal insulation inset has a high precision of execution, which is achieved by using innovative equipment. Therefore, the finished product fits snugly to the joint, eliminating the appearance of gaps during installation directly on the site and during further operation.

  Thanks to the dense basalt base, the basalt inset does not lose its operational qualities during the entire period of use, does not shrink under its own weight in the presence of a protective shell and does not sag.

  At the same time, the total cost of mineral wool insulation, including the work of installers, is much cheaper than the construction of thermal insulation of the pipeline from other materials. Save even more by placing an order for thermal insulation tees made of mineral wool in our company at a discount!

Performance :

1.Equal pass
2.At an angle
3.With offset

Thermal insulation connections:

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    The basalt wool thermal insulation inset has a complex structure and structure, it is impossible to make it independently without ultra-precise factory equipment. Use the services of professionals by ordering the right form of insets from us!

   Simple mineral wool inserts have special physical and mechanical properties:
● not exposed to chemical elements (alkalis, acids), as well as ultra-violet and electro-magnetic radiation;
● Easy to install and very technologically advanced in processing (easy to cut even with household tools);
● They are durable and retain their working properties throughout the entire service life.

Angle: 30°; 45°; 60°; 90°; According to GOST or the Customer’s technical specifications.
Marking of insulation: 80; 100; 120; 150; 200.
Diameter (D1) of the pipeline inset: from 18
Diameter (D2) of the main pipeline: from 18 to 1020 m
Thermal insulation thickness: from 20 to 200 mm.
Insert length: from 100 to 1000 mm (According to the Customer’s technical specifications).
Offset: According to the Customer’s TOR.
Mounting direction: ► Double-sided (for 1); ► Directional (for 2; 3).
Protective coating: Uncoated; coated with aluminum foil. Protective shell made of galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel.