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Hanging brackets PIPEWOOL

TECHNICAL CONDITIONS 25.99.29-007-61278130-2019

   Mounted brackets are installed in the support rings of unloading devices and are designed to prevent vertical displacement (sliding) of protective coatings on vertical pipelines and apparatuses when using soft thermal insulation materials.

   Mounted brackets are characterized by effective performance characteristics, can withstand high operating temperatures, are strong and durable, easy to use.

Mounted brackets are used:
● For fixing the diaphragm of the vertical pipeline;
● for fixing the upper bottom of vertical devices;
● for fixing the lower bottom of vertical devices;
● For attaching suspended semi-cases of various types.

Product execution:

Bracket Cnd
Bracket Cnt
Bracket Cnb
Bracket Cnf
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To preserve and improve the efficiency of the thermal insulation characteristics of thermal insulation, we have developed and manufactured special Mounted brackets, the production of which takes place on automatic European lines with CNC.

   The range and types of hinged brackets are offered depending on their purpose for various types of unloading devices and methods of their fastening.
   Each of these products has different sizes, depending on the size of the devices for which they are intended, in accordance with the Customer’s technical specifications and technical specifications.

*When ordering this type of product, it is necessary to provide drawings with dimensions.

Characteristics ● Properties:
Type of hinged brackets: In the Assortment // According to the technical task of the Customer.
Metal type: Ordinary /galvanized steel (St3 / 08PS / 08KP); Stainless steel. (AISI 301; AISI 304; AISI 403; 12X18H9; St. 1. 4310; St. S-75); Aluminum (AMG2; AMG3; AD1H).
Cross-section of the metal tape: 0,7×27; 0,8×27; 0,8×50; 1,0×27; 1,0×28; 1,0×30; 1,0×50 mm.
Product dimensions: According to the technical task of the Customer. (in accordance with the drawings).
Number of brackets (according to the circumference): From 4x (360°) or more (depending on the diameter of the product and in accordance with the load). ​
Accessories: In the Assortment // According to the technical task of the Customer.
Installation features: They are installed directionally.