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Paws and Springs PIPEWOOL

TECHNICAL CONDITIONS 25.99.29-007-61278130-2019

   Paws (distance holders) they are installed on the support rings (in increments of ≈500 mm) and a tie band (unloading device) (with a step of ≈250 mm), are designed to maintain the load distribution when installing protective shells in the thermal insulation of horizontal and vertical pipelines and cylindrical devices in industrial and marine projects. In addition, for greater elasticity, feet with shock-absorbing springs and Omega-lugs are used (according to the Customer’s t/w). For even greater reliability, in order to avoid minor deformations of the retaining structure during long-term operation, damper gaskets are used.
   Protective shells should be supported by support rings and elastic elements that comprehensively ensure optimal load distribution on the entire structure as a whole, which contributes to reliability and extends the service life.
   At a temperature of 350°C, the support legs of the structure are made of heat-resistant steel and are attached to the ring of the tie band with the help of elastic elements “omega-bugle”, to compensate for thermal expansion and reduce the vibration transfer of the insulated object.
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 To preserve and improve the efficiency of the thermal insulation characteristics of thermal insulation, special PIPEWOOL support and unloading structures have been developed, using distance holders (spring-loaded feet) and pins, which are produced on automatic European CNC lines.

  The feet with a single mounting support are fixed to the metal band of the support ring or tie band with two exhaust rivets, which facilitates the installation of the support structure as a whole, since the feet remain on the metal band in strict accordance with the required direction.

  The direction of the feet and springs during installation is made in strict accordance with the direction of displacement of the pipeline or container. For the sphere, the direction of the feet and pins is made perpendicular to the surface of the sphere in the direction of its center, and the metal tape of the support rings or band is made parallel to the surface of the sphere.

Types of support paws and springs: In The Assortment // According to the Customer’s TOR.
Metal type of feet: Ordinary /galvanized steel (St3 / 08PS / 08KP); Stainless steel. (AISI 301; AISI 304; AISI 403; 12X18H9; St. 1. 4310; St. S-75); Aluminum (AMG2; AMG3; AD1H).
Spring metal type: 1.4310 steel. ​
Standard sizes of the tape cross-section: 2×30; 3×30; 2×40; 3×40 mm.
Foot length (insulation thickness): According to the Customer’s TOR.
Number of paws/springs (according to the circumference): From 4x (360°) or more (depending on the diameter of the product and in accordance with the load). ​The installation step on the support rings is ≈500mm. The installation step on the Binding band (Unloading device) is ≈250mm.
Accessories: In The Assortment // According to the Customer’s TOR.
Mounting direction: ► Radial directional.