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Quick-detachable constructions Straight section PIPEWOOL

TECHNICAL CONDITIONS 23.99.19-004-61278130-2017

   Heat-insulating cylinders in a galvanized shell are hollow heat-insulating structures made of mineral wool and galvanized shell. They have a special strength and durability, due to both the uniformity and elasticity of the basalt fiber without secondary crystalline inclusions, and special additives.

The main features of mineral wool cylinders  PIPEWOOL Zn.

Allow  during operation:
● Significantly reduce the heat loss of the entire structure;
● Increase the service life of metal pipes;
● Protect the pipeline from mechanical damage, moisture and high temperat

   Mineral wool galvanized cylinders  PIPEWOOL  perfectly protect the pipeline from moisture and further rusting, thanks to the drainage zigzags and butt overlays of the shells provided during the installation of the cylinders.
   Galvanized cylinders are made of stone wool, the raw material for the production of which is mountain basalt rocks. Due to the fact that the melting point of the fibers exceeds 1000 degrees, the cylinders can be used in wide temperature ranges.
   The protective galvanized shell prevents the cylinders from mechanical damage and climatic influences, performing protective functions.
   In the design of the cylinder, drainage ridges, end and longitudinal butt overlays of shells are provided to prevent moisture ingress.
   Depending on the diameter of the structure, the cylinders with a protective coating of zinc are produced in one-piece or segment-by-segment assembly.

* The products are delivered assembled (laminated) or separated (cylinder-shell).

Performance of thermal insulation:
Thermal insulation connections:

Shell execution:

Straight section

Shell Connections:

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   The cylinders in the protective galvanized shell  have an extended service life, they are easy and convenient to install due to lock connections, and the galvanized surface protects the insulation from premature wear and mechanical damage. Plus, the top metal layer looks aesthetically pleasing, reflects the sun and heat rays.

   Quick-release structures QDC PIPEWOOL  is characterized by effective operational characteristics, withstands high operating temperatures, effectively retains heat, is strong and durable. Easy to cut and other processing, easy to install.

   At the same time, mineral wool cylinders in a protective shell made of zinc are resistant to various oils, caustic substances, solvents, and do not absorb moisture. They are low-flammable materials with low smoke-forming capacity, so they fully comply with the current safety standards, both in Russia and abroad! PIPEWOOL Zn cylinders  provide additional time to evacuate people from the fire zone, contain the spread of fire and protect structures from destruction.

Marking of insulation: 80; 100; 120; 150; 200.
Thermal insulation thickness: from 20 to 200 mm.
Number of thermal insulation segments: Depending on the diameter.
Pipeline diameter: from 18 to 1020 mm.
Shell length: Zn up to 1000 mm; Al up to 1200 mm; St up to 1000 mm.
Metal type and thickness: Zn galvanized steel 0,50/0,55/0,80 mm; Aluminum Al 0.50/0.80 mm; Stainless steel St 0.50 mm.
Recess depth: from 10 mm to 1/2 Ø.
Holes for fasteners: 5-6 pcs / 1 m – Ø3, 2 mm
Support brackets, quick-release clamps, locks in the assortment…
Mounting direction: ► Double-sided.

Installation does not require the use of special devices and is carried out by attaching the finished structure to the pipeline with subsequent fixation with the help of bandage tapes and buckles.