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   Bulk (blown, stuffed) cotton wool is a relatively new convenient and economical mineral wool thermal insulation material obtained by dispersing (grinding) mineral wool slabs and mineral wool waste in a special machine. It is delivered to the consumer in bags, in loose and loose form, it is an excellent additional insulation for existing thermal insulation – for example, for slag, sawdust, expanded clay, etc.

Scope of application.
Insulation of building structures: attics, ceilings, floors. Bulk basalt wool: density 35-50 kg/cubic meter. The volume of use in European countries is doubling annually.

Methods of insulation.
● Automated — is characterized by the method of laying the thermal insulation layer, which uses specialized compressor-screw equipment that supplies insulation to building structures.
● Mechanical-characterized by laying the material manually.

Insulation technology.
Insulation of attics, ceiling space and floor: when insulating the attic space, the entire horizontal surface of the attic is covered with an even layer of cotton wool, which also envelops the ventilation pipes, filling the slightest gaps. If there is no additional thermal insulation in the attic, it is recommended to apply the blown cotton wool with a layer of 15-25 cm. Relative to the brickwork, a layer of blown cotton wool in 20 cm is equal to 2.5 bricks.

Insulation of building structures with the help of Blown cotton wool is an effective way of thermal insulation of attics, floors, coverings, floors and walls.

Characteristics of bulk / blown cotton wool:
● It is a non-combustible material (combustibility group NG);
● long decomposition period (50 years);
● Chemical resistance;
● Thermal conductivity (0.036 W/(m – °C));
● water absorption (not more than 2 %);
● density of 35-60 kg / cubic meter (it is easy to seal mechanically up to 60 kg/cubic meter, further sealing will lead to an increase in the coefficient of thermal conductivity).

✔ Thermal insulation properties: basalt crumb consists of the finest fibers randomly connected to each other and forming cells filled with air.
✔ Fire-fighting properties: unlike eco-wool, basalt wool materials effectively prevent the spread of flames and can be used as fire insulation and fire protection.
✔ Hydrophobic properties: in the production of stone wool products, special additives are used to enhance their water-repellent properties.
✔ High vapor permeability: if in some case water penetrates into the fiber, then after the termination of such exposure, the moisture will evaporate from it. Passing water vapor well, stone wool almost always remains dry, maintaining the internal temperature regime of the room.
✔ Safety and environmental friendliness: basalt crumb is safe for the environment and human health. It is non-toxic, does not undergo biological decomposition, has no smell.

Bulk / blown cotton wool is a “breathable material” that will protect against the appearance of fungi and mold in those places where the thermal insulation comes into contact with the building structures.

Advantages of application:
● It has elasticity and lightness;
● it has a small shrinkage and does not accumulate moisture;
● easy installation in hard-to-reach places, allows you to fill all the voids and cracks of building structures;
● allows you to create a smooth, dense continuous layer of thermal insulation, guarantees the absence of “cold bridges” and guarantees a reduction in energy consumption for heating;
● the possibility of reuse;
● efficiency of installation, equal to 35 sq. m/hour. Two highly qualified installers carry out the entire technological process, with a capacity of about 800 sq. m, in one working shift.

The practice of application in Russia.
The world practice of using Blown cotton wool is relatively new for Russia, which can not be said about Europe, where this insulation has taken a worthy place in the market of thermal insulation materials.
Currently, there is a steady growth trend in the construction industry’s demand for Blown wool in our country. The market is becoming more active, and more and more customers are interested in using the technology of automated installation of bulk cotton.


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