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   One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for engineers and managers of oil products processing plants, storage bases or various enterprises in this industry is the installation of protective thermal insulation structures for tanks, pipelines and shut-off valves.
To achieve the desired result, a huge amount of effort and time is spent searching for suppliers who will be able to offer high-quality products and deliver them on time. Products that will meet all the necessary requirements and the necessary sizes.

   Our Company offers ready-made integrated solutions of protective thermal insulation structures for tanks, shut-off valves and pipelines. And also, various types of structures to protect personnel from various types of liquids that are in an aggressive state. The company’s production includes a huge range of products of components and unloading devices for various purposes, the purpose of which is to preserve the integrity of structures and increase its service life.

*For the convenience of our customers, we have developed illustrated and understandable catalogs with drawings for the entire range of products we produce.
In our arsenal and at your service:
Experienced and qualified specialists ready to solve complex tasks;
Modern machines with numerical control and the most advanced technologies;
Full support and double quality control at all stages of production.
   For design and production, we use albums of technical solutions and technical specifications, our patented technical findings and improvements made in the standard series. Our certificates and diplomas, painstaking and accurate engineering calculations, high-quality products manufactured strictly on time, an individual and loyal approach is the best incentive to choose a reliable partner to solve your problems!

PIPEWOOL is your personal guide to the world of complex and complex solutions for protective thermal insulation structures!